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Root Canal: Do I Really Need It?

Do you panic hearing the word root canal? With today’s highly advanced equipment as well as improved local anesthetic devices, root canal should not be feared anymore.

What is Root Canal?

Root canal is a common dental treatment used to repair & save a tooth that is decayed or infected badly. During this procedure, your infected pulp will be removed & the inside of the tooth will be properly cleaned & sealed.

Why Do I Need a Root Canal Treatment?

You are experiencing severe Pain

When you are experiencing pain in your teeth, it does not always mean that you will have to undergo Root Canal Treatment (RCT) or you need to have it extracted. But if you are experiencing severe pain for quite a few days, then you should immediately visit your dentist without any delay. Root canal treatment involves removing the nerve. Hence, it can help you get rid of pain.

Tenderness, Swelling, as well as Infection of the Gums

Swelling is a clear sign of tooth infection but it again doesn't necessarily mean root canal treatment is required. Now if the swelling is quite noticeable or if you start feeling a lump and the lump extends into your neck and/or face, then definitely visit your dentist.

You Are Feeling a Pimple -like Swelling on Your Gum

Gum boil or fistulous tracts is a development of pimple-like lesion in the gum tissues. It occurs when plaque, food particles or bacteria get trapped under the surface of the gums, leading to an infection. The size of gum boils may increase and decrease depending on the infection's waxing & waning activity. If gum boils form in your gum tissues, you make detect bad taste as gum boils acts as a drain for pus. To treat this type of gum boils or abscess, root canal treatment is required.

Your Tooth Has Darkened

Discoloration of tooth can be a warning sign of nerve damage or death. In such cases, doing a root canal treatment can help you restore your tooth. Please note that discoloration also occurs when the tooth has experienced some trauma, or if a filling is deteriorated or if there is presence of decay.

Your Tooth is Sensitive to Hot & Cold Food

If you are experiencing high sensitivity to hot or cold foods, you are feeling discomfort while chewing food with a particular tooth or you are having tooth pain for quite a while, you may need to undergo root canal treatment. Mild sensitivity is often an indication, where you would have pain in tooth whenever you consume hot or cold foods.

Advantages of Root Canal Treatment

  • It will relieve your toothache.
  • It will save a diseased tooth from extraction.
  • It will improve overall appearance of your tooth.
  • Your tooth will feel good.


Root canal treatment can repair and save your badly damaged tooth. Hence, visit your dentist immediately if you feel that something is going wrong inside your mouth. With root canal treatment, you can save your natural tooth and get relief from tooth pain and discomfort. After all; taking care of your oral health is your responsibility.

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