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Dental Clinic in Wyndham Vale, Langwarrin, Craigieburn

We are one of the Melbourne’s leading dental practices. Our goal is to give you the vibrant, healthy and confident smile you deserve. We are proud to offer you a complete range of services including cosmetic treatments, extractions, root canal, dentures, crown and bridges, veneers, dental implants and much more at your professional dental care and at affordable price. Our State of the art equipment and core expertise in modern treatment methods enable us to assure our patients of a top of the line outcomes of their dental treatment. 32 Pearls Dental Surgery represents a high standard of excellence. Well-versed in modern treatment methods, patients can be assured that their consultation and dental treatment outcomes will be provided with precision and care.

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Teeth Whitening

Cost effective way of getting a million dollar smile in the shortest possible time.

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Root Canal

Root Canal

Repair and save a tooth that is decayed or infected with great packages. Do contact us for more info

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Mouth Guard


Professionally built mouth guards, designed to protect mouth, lips, jaw & lower skull.

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